May 29, 2015

yiwu City to promote multimedia Construction

Yiwu china Civil Affairs Bureau and the Municipal Radio and Television jointly issued a document, plans to use five years to comprehensively promote the community care home care service center building multimedia services.
Yiwu radio and television within five years, will be in batches for the city every urban and rural community home care service care center offers free high-definition interactive set-top boxes and smart cards and high-definition set EOC terminal. At the same time, give half price monthly fee basis, and can choose to open the wisdom of old age program packages and other paid programming content. All digital TV programs are half price.
It is understood that the end of 2014, Yiwu city has built community home care service care centers 200, this year plans to build 155, basically to achieve full coverage.

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yiwu city has become increasingly active trading

Urban and rural construction of new community gathering Yiwu agent replacement policy interests since the implementation of the Local Taxation Bureau deed tax collection center has handled a total of 40 single contact displacement tax equity, involving an area of 4730 square meters replacement equity.

Has been traded from equity transactions replacement can be seen in high-rise apartment equity replacement favored more by the people, only the volume "Fo Tang · Beaulieu Garden" resettlement blocks had reached 35, the rest of "Chou Jiang · Hong Creek impression "equity placement of blocks and individual industrial buildings replacement transaction. Replacement of existing interests, not only the interests of the replacement transaction between Yiwu local villagers, some of these are foreign workers choose to buy agglomeration benefits.

This year, with the central bank cut interest rates several times RRR, and "mortgage tax the New Deal," a series of favorable policies superimposed on the next Yiwu map gathering area will have more interest in the replacement, but also will further promote the new community gathering in Yiwu urban and rural construction prosperity and development.

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yiwu city innovative lending model

Yiwu china housing fund management center was informed that the center has innovative design, two for the "new urban and rural communities gathering to build" high-rise apartment equity transactions replacement fund lending model, boosting the rural and urban community gathering new projects.

The first model for the direct participation of workers borrowers "urban agglomeration new community building". Workers who participate in "urban agglomeration new community building", may be large (including spouses, parents, children) as a unit to apply. According to the relevant procedures Towns Fund Center, Office and other departments to provide construction, issuing construction cost (including access to land for construction costs) of 70% of the loan fund. There are multiple protocols, contracts, calculated according to the total value. Acquisition and construction of housing does not meet the conditions of the mortgage, you can use other compliant mortgage.

The second model borrowers to participate in the "new urban and rural communities gathering to build" equity transactions replacement workers. Workers who bought "urban agglomeration new community building" by property rights trading platform replacement, regarded as the purchase of housing. Yiwu City housing fund management center in accordance with the procedures equity trading platform, land and other departments provided 70 percent of the purchase price payment of provident fund loans, the purchase price contains the right price and related transaction Towns, office and other building department to determine the average cost of housing . Prior to certificates of title, you can use other mortgage compliance.

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