July 14, 2016

Obligation is rapidly developing tourism

Inside Wuhu, Wuhu Sheng Qiuping his environs visited the écharpe park. As the simply city park inside the cultural and normal landscape sculpture blend theme park, Wuhu Statue Park cleverly "three-dimensional art" into scenery, to create a distinctive city public space regarding art and lifestyle.Yiwu Hotels Sheng Qiuping mentioned, to seriously study the particular advanced experience in addition to practices in Wuhu, Yiwu dig strong historical and ethnic background and good intercontinental sculpture exhibition, increase the pace connected with construction of the plaque park, make cha?ne and landscapes, societal essence Yiwu symbiotic communion, effectively increase the urban civilization Stage. The delegation furthermore visited the Chery Automobile Co., Limited., Wuhu Chengdong Jiuzi town, Chery understand core technology analysis and development, foreign marketing and town growth and construction, anatomist design and so on.

Angie, the delegation went to the Hello Kitten theme parks, as well as the Zhejiang Museum associated with Natural History Videos & Television Angelina Industrial Park for more information on project planning, purchase, construction and supervision.Yiwu market Sheng Qiuping observed the excellent experiences as well as practices Angie manufactured in the development and design of major assignments, tourism, environment and also human resources to create a design of mining and other areas of the city has an crucial inspiration and guide. Currently, tourism is in an important opportunity regarding rapid development, the location should effectively boost the sense of accountability and urgency, take the lead to seek project strongly recruit project, directed at cultural, ecological, pastime and other development, create the introduction of a number of top quality tourism projects, to aid push the more development of the city's tourism promotion; for you to deepen the beautiful country and play it is ecological advantages, touch the cultural significance, to create a group to produce "feature of the town" to promote tourism to help high-end, specialty progress.


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Obligation to accelerate foreign trade

Plenary and accelerate often the optimization and changing of foreign deal towards trade strength from the country's international trade, foreign business development mode creativity, improve the competitiveness in the traditional advantages of goods,Yiwu International Trade City consolidate export business, to promote trade from competitive prices, eugenic gifted a change. Weng Jianping, mouthpiece director of Comunitario Bureau of The business sector said that since the acceptance of Yiwu thorough reform of intercontinental trade, have been an important breakthrough has been attained in many fields. Industry purchases trade established arrival embodiment, cemented logistics center (B), air port, West Train Station control items and other open websites have enabled, "Yiwu - Ningbo Beilun" sea-rail intermodal educates and "Righteousness completely new Europe" Central The european countries Trains has exposed, we have for the area and the province reinvigorate export growth. "International Trade comprehensive change implementation process, Yiwu comprehensive social along with economic upgrading, in addition to constantly adapt to the internationalization of the urban center to further deepen the great reform of foreign trade, accelerating the emergences of new open overall economy advantage. "

The 1st three quarters of this 12 months, the city continues to increase cross-border e-commerce improvement, turnover of forty four. 5 billion yuan, average daily deliveries of 400, 000 votes.Yiwu market Stop cross-border e-commerce service program, "meaning Netcom" referred to as launched, Yiwu cross-border electricity supplier proclamation, clearance time have been greatly improved. Yiwu cross-border e-commerce in public places overseas warehouse "building standards", "service standards", "data exchange specifications, " "evaluation criteria" has completed the 1st draft, the Foreign record cloud obtain, meaning net Local mall, Yiwu Tong as well as other 10 companies are a good declaration of 2015 cross-border electricity company provincial public storage facility overseas pilot. For that "support enterprises to be able to expand foreign purchase, the depth regarding integration into the international industrial chain, benefit chain, logistics string, to facilitate the actual establishment of cross-border e-commerce and other brand new trade system of" plenary session, Consistorial Office Director Huang Weiyong electricity distributor, said the city may encourage cross edge business enterprise, the use of the fresh model through different channels outside the factory, outside the building show platform, accelerate the particular establishment of cross-border e-commerce development inside Yiwu.

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Expand international trade obligations of the new channel

NEW YORK To speed up the development of new dry interface city, to further increase the new channels regarding international trade,Yiwu Hotels create the development of EU-China Yiwu trains (meaning fresh European railway gift basket train) as well as area of the Silk Road economical belt in the twenty first century maritime Egypt Road countries approach, recently, the event secretary Li Yifei led his product went to Xinjiang Alashankou, Horgos two edge crossings, field outings railway facelift storage place, comprehensive Free Buy and sell zone, and Kazakhstan international border assistance zone and dock operations and other situations, and with the two often the MC port, practices and other departments to undertake matchmaking. The two vent authorities have said it could vigorously support the roll-out of international trade throughout Yiwu, Yiwu, The far east and the EU to back up trains, Yiwu transfer and export merchandise to provide convenient methods clearance conditions.

Alashankou, Horgos Port are usually two border crossings between China and also Kazakhstan, is located in the actual Eurasian Continental bridgehead west, west hook up five Central Parts of asia,Yiwu market Russia, Europe, eastern side toward the home-based market, China's design of the Silk Highway economic belt, broadening westward opening up an essential point. As a countrywide first class port with western China's train, highway, pipeline vehicles trinity Alashankou slot since 1991, the required opening of the train cargo transit considering that the volume had taken care of a more than 25% annual growth level, over the volume, Persuits taxation, trade about three indicators rank the particular forefront of the terrain crossings, road crossings become the first where you live now. Horgos financial enterprise tourism, transit of products and import along with export trade together, with import in addition to export all-weather ability, Kazakhstan Horgos Global Border Cooperation Centre across China as well as Kazakhstan, China, Kazakhstan and third nations around the world and persons things, vehicles can stream freely across region within the region, appreciate visa-free entry to the area to buy duty-free goods and other specific policies. Recently a couple of ports have
acquired State Council acceptance, the entire column automobile car import interface.

Strengthen cooperation while using two ports, it truly is conducive to give total play to the features of the city's source and border crossings advantages for fostering the creation of Central Europe Educates to create good problems. In recent years,Yiwu International Trade City map the city's trade volume together with the five Central Parts of asia of rapid progress, Yiwu Central Western european trains is by way of Alashankou Port may ship Yiwu export products to Central Parts of asia, Russia and The european countries to effectively enjoy the comprehensive advantages of railroad logistics for Yiwu import and upload goods has became available a new land option. Compared with conventional marine, rail container educates approximately doubles your aging; compared with the current traditionally used international express atmosphere freight, air transfer costs only a quarter of the timeliness needs are not demanding, expensive cost control requirements around border e-commerce and also small , is the most least expensive solution, is important for that city's cross-border commerce en ligne development.

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Accelerate the development of urban transformation

Together with economic globalization in addition to regional economic use to promote the Yiwu market has progressively become an important program for foreign items to enter the China's market,Yiwu market and entrepot trade. According to unfinished statistics, at present, Yiwu has imported things business entities 873, located in the Global Trade City, Huangyuan market, Nongmao Cheng, international home town, industry supplies and other areas. Yiwu market is encountering from "buy countrywide goods, selling products the country" to be able to "buy global items, selling global goods" Dynasty.

To meet the modern demands of change, Yiwu
has made "accelerate urban transformation as well as development" a major selection,Yiwu Hotels would Yiwu in to a "city strategy, motivated by international deal and prosperity, International Logistics smooth, advancement and vitality burst open, the City integrated development" in international business DC, highlighting the fresh Silk Road, Fresh Port land, "three New" Branch invention District planning and also construction. Yiwu Cemented Logistics Center (B) is an important new part of dry ports.

Lately, Yiwu municipal authorities attaches great value to a straight Yiwu Bonded Logistics Centre (B type) perform to promote the C building as safety and consolidate the emergences of regional logistics Height,Yiwu International Trade City deep push to the important task Yiwu International Trade regarding comprehensive reform. Given that January 29 this coming year, the State General Supervision of Customs, Ministry of Finance, Express Administration of Taxation, Administration of Foreign currency and other four ministries officially approved typically the establishment of Yiwu bonded logistics centre (B) since, Yiwu accordance with the "overall planning, step by step, inches the idea, adhere to a top starting point, high common construction, high performance propulsion, with several months to complete often the commissioning of a job and the construction info systems, we noticed that the approval, construction 12 months, when completed, and then acceptance, full cemented logistics Center (B) construction of "Yiwu speed. "


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Yiwu to promote the construction of new dry ports

Currently, Yiwu is to create international dry plug-ins District, Yiwu Intercontinental actively enhance the amount of urban functions and enhance the level of Yiwu open economy,Yiwu Export Agent to construct a comprehensive Asia-Pacific location and even the state's international dry locations.

August 13, reporters in Yiwu Foreign Trade service location to see the planned global dry port Logistics Park function account. Yiwu City, northern 03 Freeway, to the south of Outer Diamond ring Road, West Wedding ring Road, within concerning 43. 67 sq kilometers east regarding Port Expressway (Dragon Avenue) area (logistics functions land of around 12. 6 block kilometers),Yiwu Hotels according to "intensive, gathering" planning needs, the international dried port logistics area logistics are attempts to build rapid reply, Route transport, train logistics, land and also sea transport logistics such as the four key groups, covering home-based logistics, international logistics, fast logistics, railroad logistics, ten flying logistics and other useful blocks.

Relevant particular person in charge commerce services area, in accordance with typically the "logistics out of the metropolis,Yiwu market gathering development, inches the idea, the next step may focus on promoting often the express logistics enterprise gathering center, Yiwu ProLogis Logistics Area a trunk transfer and logistics businesses gathering center, cemented logistics center (B type), and other something like 20 major logistics assignments.

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Obligation to continuously push forward the comprehensive reform of international trade

Inside the ceremony, the creciente He Meihua mentioned, Yiwu International Buy and sell service industry get together area is to advertise the comprehensive reform associated with international trade in addition to accelerate the "two districts and half a dozen city" construction of your large platform plus the main front, the location continued development exercise, power, potential is placed.yiwu market map International Construction supplies production market, Intercontinental Electronic Commerce Area, is pushing to the market transformation as well as upgrading, market growth and create new features of the major starting point is a vital measure to enhance often the urban quality, improve the overall bearing potential of the city. Following hundred days of combating, the international metropolis block prototype development market has appeared, the basic framework exposed, the successful completing the short-term jobs, creating a market-building "Yiwu speed. " We should redouble our attempts, give the city the strength to do market purchase work to ensure knowledge of "open entrance red", the global production market to make a new benchmark inside Yiwu market.

Meihua hope agglomeration Region continue to carry forwards the courage to interrupt, good fine design of tackling, meticulous company, to promote and ensure industry open on schedule,Yiwu Airport and ensure that international commerce en ligne Park West site visitors road works on timetable put into use; hope the kind of departments and Beiyuan, west street bordures and the masses to be able to actively cooperate together with, support and create advantageous conditions for the job. He Meihua told me the whole city along to be masters of the to support, participate in, using a good project, and attempt to build a cluster market place gathering area, brand-new city of modern the business sector, warehousing and logistics.

The ceremony, City Committee, Yiwu Foreign Trade Services symbiosis Zone, director Wang Kuiming said the actual international production sector,Yiwu market International Electronic The business sector Park West targeted visitors and road executive is the international creation market city obstruct main frame. The most famous of the market, the particular park started the inspiration and road traffic know-how, commercial and buy and sell service area along with the construction of a completely new milestone. Agglomeration Zoom under the correct authority of the municipal authorities, the relevant departments inside the city, towns Avenue village (neighborhood) regarding support, closely across the strategic objectives involving "two districts and also six city" design, meticulous organization, communicate to overcome problems, to ensure that international generation market grand beginning in October this coming year to ensure that international Digital commerce Park Western traffic and highway works completion program durability, efforts to develop itself into a major international production market impact the new engine connected with Yiwu economic progress, the business services market gathering area to make a distinctive, quality superb gathering Metro, environmentally friendly City, Metro intelligence and bustling community.

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July 13, 2016

Obligation railway projects

With all the powerful whistle,yiwu market map the 1st trip, "meaning a fresh Europe, " the particular Central European educates (Yiwu - Madrid) off. Car full of 82 standard storage units trains from Yiwu, goes through Xinjiang edge crossings, economic seat belt along the Silk Highway, will finally walk in with continental Europe. This is certainly China's east shoreline to Europe's 1st international railway transfer logistics major roadway, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, and even to the Silk Road Economical Belt and twenty first Century Maritime A silk filled duvet Road-building of countrywide strategies of significant initiatives.

September 21, Chinese President Xi Jinping at the encounter Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy mentioned: "At present,yiwu airport code China-EU freight trains very good momentum of improvement, 'meaning new Europe' railway projects beginning from Zhejiang Yiwu, This town reach the end, The far east welcomes the productive participation of the Western construction and operations, thereby enhancing the degree of bilateral economic and also trade cooperation. "China dream and desire world blend together, " meaning the newest Europe "Central The european union trains from perspective into reality, create a beautiful rainbow Man made fiber Road economic seatbelt.

According to chairman in the board trains owner Yiwu days UNITA Industrial Investment Business Pingxu Bin launch, "meaning the new European union, " the Core European trains go from Yiwu, east-west,Yiwu market through Anhui, Henan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang Alashankou Port get out of, then via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Biskupiec, poland, Germany, France and complete at Madrid, The world, the entire 13, 052 kilometers on the way for approximately 21 days.

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The rapid growth of export obligation

Buy and sell market purchases, identifies an identified part of procurement of goods sector concentration by experienced operators for move clearance procedures inside procurement of terrain trade way.Yiwu Wholesale Market Pre-trial circumstances indicate the "market purchases" will be the adaptation of Yiwu Small Commodity deal multi-species, multi-batch, smaller batch of new business, LCL group items exports and the major characteristics of pluralism, is an upgraded model of the existing industry patterns of travel and leisure and shopping, extremely earth led to grass-roots innovations and top-level design combined.

Considering that the establishment of buy and sell market purchases, the kind of departments of the city's innovative regulatory method,Yiwu Airport gradually explore several facilitation, standardization projects to expand the room for development of international trade, exports elevated rapidly. The first 3/4 of this year, often the city's export individuals $ 17. 20 billion, up something like 20. 8%, of which marketplace purchases exports money 12. 62 million, an increase of 18. 8%, 73. five per cent of the total product exports.

Yiwu Persuits official said that the actual implementation of deal in Yiwu industry purchases,yiwu china market is summed up in the sublimation market purchases on such basis as practical experience in Yiwu, the creation of your commodity for exportation trade to solve the earlier trade "not fit" problem for China's medium and modest micro-enterprises to the planet to build a hassle-free trade route; is actually a useful exploration of the particular international trade program carried out; also within the international trade throughout key areas along with key links for you to deepen reform, any pilot of a vibrant practice. It has produced some breakthrough inside the management of business and services BUY AND SELL circulation system design, the construction of an wide open economy system, modification of government functions, and so forth, for the market to help upgrade and advertise international development in addition to foreign trade improvement mode provides the knowledge, will have conducive for the further formation involving highly open, successful and convenient surroundings for the development of global trade and boost participation of new positive aspects under conditions connected with economic globalization with international economic assistance and competition.

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Yiwu overseas exchange association held

On the meeting, Sheng Qiuping thanked a long time intended for Yiwu an important share to the reform in addition to development of the multitude of Chinese as well as overseas Chinese compatriots in Hong Kong and also Macao. He told me Yiwu is the foreign Chinese to return residence and treasure. Several overseas Chinese along with compatriots in Hk and relying on Yiwu market,Yiwu Airport by executing trade and institution of enterprises in addition to dedication of love, online dating and other means to help the development of Yiwu, Yiwu Small Commodity efficiently to the world, worldwide Yiwu rattle called, effectively expanding the actual Yiwu international effect, enhance exchanges, assistance and friendship in between Yiwu and around the planet. Founded Overseas Trade Association, Yiwu as well as Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, overseas China's to establish a connection linkages, new links of cooperation and also win-win, marking the particular city's foreign exchange provides entered a new period.

Sheng Qiuping mentioned, as a series of change initiatives to promote modification, Yiwu usher inside a new round involving gold on the rise,Yiwu market using a broad space to get development. Hope that most overseas Chinese along with compatriots in Hk and Yiwu grab opportunities for improvement, make full use of the foundation's platform, through the progress cross-border e-commerce, always promote the construction connected with warehousing and other in a different country markets and item Yiwu "going out", while promoting superb foreign trade businesses, technology and market, "bringing in" in addition to deepen Yiwu around the globe exchanges in the job areas of culture, education and learning, tourism, management, employees, technology, creativity as well as design together to help play to the geographic, genetic, karmic connection action and city exchanges advantages to draw in more overseas China's and compatriots with Hong Kong and Macao attention Yiwu, Yiwu support investment within Yiwu, in particular typically the active participation in the three new design. At the same time, we will furthermore listen to opinions put in in depth, the introduction of helpful policies to safeguard often the rights and pursuits, and actively supply quality services for all to live and perform in Yiwu.

International Chinese It is recognized that membership inside Yiwu and Yiwu market have considerable contacts,yiwu city china Hong Kong and also Macao more than fifty million people.


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Fair outside Malaysia Exhibition

Next (2014) Klang sibling city of Yiwu Global Commodity Exhibition as well as Fair Exhibition exterior Malaysia Promotion maintained Yiwu International Expo Centre. New Yan Hong,yiwu restaurant deputy overseer of Municipal Householder's Congress attended often the meeting.

Available in greater detail on the economic situation inside Malaysia, the purchase environment, and present the relevant circumstances outdoor Malaysia Fair event and invited companies and the rest of The far east, Yiwu, wholesale, supply,yiwu airport code service chains and also exhibitors. It is noted that in 2014, 5 to several December, the Second Sum Yiwu friendly metropolis in international item Exhibition and Good territory outside Malaysia Exhibition (KYICE2014) will probably be held in Malaysia Tone GM K lang Trade and Display Center. The display exhibition area of above 10, 000 rectangular meters, is located greater than 300 standard booths, the audience will be expected to attract 55, 000 professional guests. The exhibition may further strengthen the actual Klang as a wonderful port city of positive aspects, highlighting Malaysia since Chinese businessmen to spread out the EU industry bridgehead position, regarding domestic and international enterprises and specialized sellers convergence along with cooperation platform, the particular horse in items pushed to the international.

After Klang Yiwu in October this sister city, a couple of cities in a number of locations to carry out cooperation. Which usually in December 2013, structured by the Klang China's Chamber of The business sector, and has been guided jointly promote the 2 municipalities of the 1st Sister Cities Tone Yiwu International Items Fair Exhibition and outdoors Malaysia Exhibition (KYICE2013) by the Klang Yiwu cities successfully kept in Klang, the convention attracted a total regarding 108 Malaysian organizations and 108 China's businessmen and international exhibitors,Yiwu market the exhibit contents commodity in addition to service-oriented, to attract skilled audience of fifty, 000 people.

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Yiwu purchase pushing "Commodity Trade Exhibition Center"

Yiwu purchase "Closing Program" in overseas market segments to cooperate in April 10 basically launched, as of early on July, Yiwu order signed a assistance agreement with the acquiring agent in Down under, Japan, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Spain,Yiwu Map Hungary and other 16 nations around the world and regions, through which Australia, Japan, Hungary and other three "purchase Yiwu" overseas sub-stations have been gradually at stake, currently in test operation. It is found that Yiwu purchased international online platform buying and selling volume totaled 7. 26 million yuan.

Meanwhile, the invest in Yiwu "cooperation program" Progress on the part of the particular well, there are 20 domestic and specialist market in Yiwu purchase contract, it absolutely was lighted Xinyang Party, southwestern Sichuan Luzhou Trade City,Yiwu market Shanghai in china Jinshan International Buy and sell City, Yunnan Baoshan Mao China Yiwu international trade Metropolis, Hebei Qingxian Hongdi Yiwu Small Item City. The "Luzhou buy" Xinyang "ten thousand righteous purchase" has been on-line, "Dongguan, Yiwu purchase, inches "purchase Yiwu Baoshan", "Shanghai Jinshan buy", "Anhui Bengbu buy" units have been accomplished around the building web site; Jincheng, Panjin Ningxia and other places had been also held in Yiwu asset display matchmaking enterprise, and the construction regarding Yiwu Small thing Exhibition Center inside Yuncheng, Shijiazhuang, Dongguan, Shanghai Jinshan, Wuzhong. In addition , Shijiazhuang and also Xiaoyi business provides come to visit Yiwu and reached any turnover of several. 2 million yuan.

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E-commerce obligation Speedup

Carried out cross-border e-commerce enterprise park Beiyuan clerk Xu Liqin starts off to get busy,Yiwu Airport the lady took just as knowledgeably packaged overseas requests, invoices and substance...... Xu Liqin told me this year, with the significant cross-border Yiwu internet platform construction and also improvement of their self-assurance in cross-border ecommerce is more engaged in this article enough, business is hiring prosperous.

Yiwu strongly around the "New Egypt Road, the new starting up point" development positioning, strengthening multimodal transfer,Yiwu market and actively combine into the national "along the way" approach, to speed up typically the "Silk Road Online" construction. In the 1st half of this year, cross-border supervision of logistics platform for foreign mail exchange places of work and other steadily. Beneath the direct care involving Premier Li Keqiang, the strong help of the provincial authorities and relevant express ministries and profits under the General Supervision of Customs, new york state Post Bureau, The far east Post Group Organization has officially authorized the establishment connected with Zhejiang Yiwu worldwide mail since August 1, 2015 change offices and areas, Yiwu become following Hangzhou and Wenzhou cities in our domain to establish a third global mail exchange locations and stations.

Currently, Yiwu international deliver exchange offices will be accelerating the change areas and cross-border supervision platform design of an international logistics shipment monitoring heart,yiwu market map cross-border e-commerce (9610) supervision center. The particular project is located around the west side City Aviation Road, gripped the building on the to the south side, a terrain area of 14, 617 square meters, utility area of 10, 022 square meters, that 4320 square measures office of alternate for international submit and international convey mail monitoring middle 2851 square yards, the cross-border digital business monitoring centre 2851 square feets, a total investment of around 30 million yuan. Listing to sell often the land currently being managed according to the procedure, the complete plane functional structure demonstration has been completed, the continued construction design pictures, construction in mid-July.

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July 12, 2016

Obligation to actively participate in international trade

Last night afternoon, Yiwu "Hundred" sending cadres ability discussion will be placed. Party Secretary Li Yifei on behalf of the particular municipal government, bona fide thanks to the share of sending huisserie talent as a complete reform of Yiwu International Trade produced, and hope that individuals experienced in the addition as a new kick off point,Yiwu Hotels starting from Yiwu, Dalam sail again sail, made even more outstanding performance.

In support of Yiwu International Trade extensive reform pilot perform, in 2012, typically the provincial organization office launched the Yiwu "Hundred" in several years, in a couple of batches selected a hundred cadres and specialists from the provincial subordinate units and Jinhua municipal units to be able to Yiwu attachment services. The first 50 add-on cadre personnel mixed up in "Yiwu pilot" Design of two years,yiwu city china offer full play for the "staff", "Red Mother" role in coverage formulation, theoretical scientific studies as well as human resources, assignments, capital introduction, and so forth, and achieved successful results. During mailing, 50 sending contr?le personnel were accomplished 123 research issues, write theoretical paperwork, and experience the content 180, help method (revising) policy paperwork, more than 100 foibles, the introduction of 29 assistance projects, financial help to help fight forty seven. 6 million yuan, the introduction of professional along with technical personnel greater than 60 people.

Following listening to some connection to speak on the part of the exchange regarding cadres, Li Yifei said, two years before, everyone carries often the provincial government, the actual provincial organization team, Jinhua, Yiwu city government to rely on,Yiwu market actively participate in the particular national comprehensive change of international buy and sell, engaged in one of the several national strategic projects in Zhejiang Domain. In more than seven-hundred days and nights, all in diverse positions, with their individual advantages, play with their talents, for the thorough reform of Yiwu International Trade did a lot of fruitful benefit the restructuring in addition to development of Yiwu metropolis has made positive benefits.

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Government's obligation to host the first International Marathon

It truly is understood that this celebration Provincial Sports Office and the Yiwu city government organized affair is the theme saying "New Silk Route, the new starting point,yiwu restaurant work it, Yiwu", levels of competition will be divided man and female half race and mini. Included in this, the half convention route is: Meihu Sports Center damages (depart) → change suitable into Shiba Street → turn kept onto Champollion Highway → → switch left onto Path integrity left upon West Road → turn right into Nearby mall Road → Metropolis Road (folded) Shopping center Road → → → turn still left onto West Path, turn right into the Magic Sea Road → turn right into Riverside Road, Futian Route → → → turn left on top of the bridge change suitable into Zongze Meihu Sports Center (end ), the whole 21 years old. 0975 km; mini-marathon route is: Meihu Sports Center share (depart) → change suitable into Shiba Street → turn eventually left onto Champollion remaining into Mall Highway Road → → → turn kept onto Riverside Northern Road, Futian Zong Ze Road, transform left onto Connection → → Meihu Sports Center (the end), the entire 6th. 5 km.

It takes to be reminded, considering participating in the half-marathon fans, both to fulfill the age requirements, but in addition meet the health needs. Among them, participate in often the half marathon old 18 years and above (born before 1997) to 55 years (born after 1960); participate in mini-Marathon Time limit 12 years or maybe older (born just before 2003) to 66 years of age (1950 following birth).Yiwu market At the same time, the actual tournament regulations plainly states that the members should be in well being, regularly participates inside running exercise as well as training, according to their particular physical condition and workout capacity, select items. Organizing Committee demands that all contestants ahead of the half marathon by means of regular medical exam (including ECG), along with self-assessment inspection studies to confirm their healthiness can be adapted to be able to long-distance running, simply entered the competition, that half registration is necessary to drive a workshop runner hospitals previously mentioned county level health and fitness certificate within twelve months, or 2014--2015 global marathon finish certificates.

For the convenience of gathering enthusiasts registration, the particular organizing committee introduced an online registration and also on-site two sorts of channels: by 2015, Yiwu International Convention official website (www.ywim.org) online registration;yiwu city china also can go directly to Yiwu Meihu Sports Centre Stadium ticket web site registration, Tel 0579-85586311, 0579- 85214900, Email-based: marathon@ywim. org.

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Obligation to vigorously carry out comprehensive environmental remediation activities

Reconstruction and construction connected with "minor", as the "Yiwu portal, " mentioned the construction of a couple of residential streets as soon as the "Rimage home after" and "starting level. " In fact ,Yiwu market this process after the house is actually a beautiful city previously year building a microcosm of Yiwu. Within the last year, the city strongly around the transformation associated with development goals, comply with the construction of environmentally friendly civilization into the economical and social progress all aspects of the complete process, according to regional conditions, do a good-job overall and thorough management of city and rural organizing and construction, the 2 try, both minimal, ELT vigorously accomplish comprehensive environmental routines.

There is a saying: H2o is the source of existence, but also the most beneficial human resources. To this ending, the city in order to "clear the US store · Three Rivers" because the carrier, vigorously undertake the new century along with new era regarding "Dayu", to promote typically the "five water confusion. " Over the past 12 months, the city's overflow control project rendering up to 283, there was 2255 large empty rain and waste diversion transformation, the metropolis has 43 obstructs Interception nanotube modification of rural home-based sewage 89 admin villages to be dictated. Sewage and rain, prevails,Yiwu Map the former refinement treatment, again for that benefit of mankind. During comprehensive water supervision, in order to azure azure sky, to inhale and exhale fresh "treatment gas" has also been promoted concurrently. Towns Street, advice and management of varied departments simultaneously, to undertake the "four car", construction sites in addition to road dust remediation eight renovation assignments, out of the 14, 000 "yellow car", the newest public bicycle 5k, PM2. 5 attention ratio last year slipped by 9. 1%. Zhanzhan blue heavens, clear water and also a lengthy, we are transforming into a happy life, "background. "

As a fast-growing international business metropolis, Needless to say, there are some lumpen phenomena, such as not lawful built houses. Regarding this, in the past year, metropolis continued last year, "three changes a demolition" momentum, hair push again, concentrating on event members and bordures illegal construction, against the law billboards along the interstate, rooftop water storage containers and other special modification, a total removal of just about all class 3. a single million square feets of illegal properties,Yiwu Airport renovation of older houses, old industries, villages, etc . a few. 18 million rectangular meters. And this remediation activities, to control illegally built properties "negative energy", even though the whole "positive energy" to increase rapidly. Inside 2014, the city provides five Towns, 594 villages adopted often the "no illegally built" initial evaluation.

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Hing Shing obligation to market to market

SAIC market Secretary Liu Hongliang, director in the Research Center on the market economy supervision oversight Liu Minute, Zhou Xiaohong, mouthpiece director of the Specialist enterprises, Enterprise Enrollment Bureau Deputy Inspector Zhou Jiadong, mouthpiece director of the Analysis Center of the marketplace economy management oversight Xiedong Wei,yiwu market map mouthpiece director of Zhejiang Industry and Marketing Bureau Zhang Xuelin, deputy mayor involving Jinhua Hu Guoqiang, city leaders Sheng Qiuping, Chenxiao Zhong, WANG Xin-feng, joined the meeting.

Yiwu-market flourished in the market. Considering that the reform and examining, Yiwu dig strong historical opportunity, and adhere to the rendering of the "Xing to construct the city" improvement strategy, to develop along with enhance the cultivation with the world's largest buyer goods market return in 24 progressive,Yiwu market gradual years ranked leading in major specialist market. Yiwu industry is the commodity buying and selling market banner, "Yiwu China Commodity City" is the first item trading market from the State Administration intended for Industry and Trade Trademark Identification from the market in the country in addition to created a brand operations precedent.

Liu Hongliang said that Yiwu companies are a beautiful card, any gold standard. Sign-up "Yiwu China Asset City" trademark inside other markets country wide is very important to develop and pay attention to. Currently the country industry more casual subject, it is understood, minus the crown "Yiwu Tiny Commodity City" inside name of the market place,Yiwu Export Agent there are more than a hundred, many consumers incorrectly think that the market will be divided Yiwu The far east Commodity City, actually , nothing to Yiwu sector. "Yiwu China Thing City" trademark enrollment is successful, the market to get brand promotion, security and development are usually of great value, the market value of company greatly improved. Market segments around the world can study on the practice connected with Yiwu, create their particular brands and to end up being by way of cooperation together with Yiwu quickly boost their own influence. Expect around the business industry in the integrity in the market competitions, "Credible" market determined method, focus on brand safeguard for unauthorized usage of a registered hallmark of another person, the font size of industry to be excluded.

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Yiwu railway crossings open temporary success

Yiwu railway crossings open up, was listed because the provincial government crucial work, the comarcal leadership has consistently made clear realization Yiwu railway crossings wide open as soon as possible,Yiwu Airport and has Yiwu railway crossings to the national "Thirteen Five" port open program submitted to the Basic Administration of Persuits, fight achieve a sort of port officially exposed. Yiwu customs, assessment and quarantine and also railway departments along with units to definitely support the Yiwu railway crossings start, and get support coming from higher authorities.

Yiwu railway crossings available temporary success, deepening comprehensive reform involving Yiwu International Buy and sell, open up international deal routes,yiwu Purchasing Agent build a major international trade facilitation method, promote global item trade center in addition to international city design land in Hk is of fantastic significance.

In recent years, the location vigorously develop the particular import market, as well as actively develop "along the way" over the national market, to make a global consumer items entering China's bridgehead, the formation connected with export and re-import the full range of business patterns. Strengthen train crossings function, can easily effectively break this self-destruction can only rely on imports coastal border crossings and airport transportation for enterprises to be able to facilitate customs wholesale,Yiwu market reduce costs, help the metropolis to cultivate huge import market. Customer advantage of Yiwu train crossings open momentary global commodity supply center of the huge supply of global and also regional advantages, Yiwu market as the tour's largest commodity from suppliers market, attracts greater than 40 million folks overseas businessmen reached Yiwu procurement of products.

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The rapid development of transportation construction obligations

Slot expressway is section of the provincial plan to Jinyun Lin highway, may be the provincial key tasks, according to a freeway standard design, roadbed 55 meters broad, two-way 6 lanes,Yiwu Airport total length of eight. 816 kilometers, the actual project estimates a complete investment of 1. nine billion yuan The development period of 36 months. The actual project is located in the starting point of the suggested exchange Hangjinqu Eastern River, on the southern across West Train station Road, Highway ciento tres, universal Avenue within the East Village and also the west bypass no matter pond reservoir to the west Tamura, a thicker cross the way of righteousness, Wuzhou Avenue Shigeaki road and finish at the temple interworking speed Yong Betty planning to make Lin Jinyun highway inside the city can be efficiently communicated two freeways.

It is worth mentioning that, Interface expressway start as well as end points possess Hangjinqu East swap, temple interoperability pace Yong Kim preparing,Yiwu market also in the middle of the street with a planned Hengtong interoperability, universal interoperability, interworking 5 Ls interchange, then, the folks along the "house" can facilitate high-speed floor.

The project began, to promote international dried out port city building, building smooth "Yiwu Hong Kong" offers important significance. In order to speed up the speed of building the Dock Expressway, the whole town together to promote the kind of departments on everything, and also green channels, positively strive upwards; Cities along the proactive plans to deal with overtime, across the majority of the villagers and the village panel serving the overall scenario,Yiwu City Full support. Via joint efforts to help make the proposed project through the idea to start the development in just 14 a few months, I set the particular fastest speed metropolis traffic engineering design.

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Yiwu ProLogis Logistics Park

CMC learned from Yiwu International Trade services area (dry jacks District),Yiwu International Trade City ProLogis Yiwu logistics park development Swagger horse, are going to be this year's "double 11" before the completing two single databases development and building. Yiwu entire ProLogis logistics park will likely be fully fight the present day logistics industry "strong magnetic field. inches

ProLogis is a major global provider of contemporary logistics facilities inside China, Japan as well as Brazil logistics industry leader.yiwu china market ProLogis will be committed to improving the availability chain efficiency in the world's most energetic manufacturers, retailers and also third party logistics organizations, strategic expansion targets. By the end of Drive this year, ProLogis The far east has entered the particular 35 cities, home infrastructure total design area of 21. 7 million square feets, build and control the 185 along with 688 logistics leisure areas completed property, with all the formation of a gift wrapping China's major international airports, seaports efficient logistics highways, urban intake and processing bottom and distribution community.

Around the municipal authorities to build a countrywide logistics nodes metropolis,Yiwu Hotels to build a comprehensive modern day logistics development organizing logistics system, in addition to Guozhijie ProLogis ProLogis joint venture to develop Yiwu logistics park venture, give full enjoy to the advantages of it is brand Stephanopoulos, knowledge, resources and consumer network, the undertaking will strive to develop a high-end logistics and gives chain management program project in eastern side China's Yiwu Metropolis.

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July 11, 2016

Obligation continuous efforts to develop


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