June 30, 2016

Yiwu Import Items Fair to carry out

Yiwu Import Commodities Considerable has become the city next Waji Exhibition Reasonable, the fourth exhibition simply by UFI certified Good After the meeting,Yiwu market furthermore the country's 1st certified by UFI importing consumer style exhibition.

Yiwu Significance Commodities Fair commenced in 2012, it is successfully held several sessions. From 2015 onwards, the exhibit around the country "along the way" improvement strategy, trade in addition to investments, in order to give attention to consumer goods, to construct China's first make of imported consumer goods exhibition. According to stats, the first five Signific Fair there were coming from Spain, Germany, Europe, Malaysia,Yiwu Hotels Japan, To the south Korea and other ninety days countries and locations to participate in enterprise, to attract domestic as well as foreign buyers involving nearly 40 thousand.

It is understood that will UFI (UFI) will be widely considered the tour's most important international event industry association whoever core mission is always to carry out the qualification authority of the global exhibition of display scale, degree of expertise,Yiwu Huangyuan Market the proportion connected with foreign exhibitors the particular proportion of travellers and so has a extremely stringent requirements and also complex approval method. City Tourism Improvement Commission official told me at present the city includes a total of four UFI approved event, rank the first in the county-level city, more than Hangzhou, Ningbo, Chengdu, Chongqing, Qingdao and other metropolitan areas.


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Yiwu market food basic safety

On the macro level, Yiwu Market Development Assistance Center Co., Limited. Headquarters responsible for meals safety supervision in addition to management department involving safety, guidance, examination work in state-owned urban and country markets generally recognized food safety management, market access method for commodity market place the intensity connected with food into the revenue ledger system, second-rate goods market delisting system,Yiwu market the market buy management system, food safe practices "front" fully exposed, heavy attack repeatedly, for the public "safety tongue" erected any Road "safety web. "

On the one hand, Yiwu Market Development Provider Center Co., Limited. focus on food security awareness training as well as business households trustworthiness education, through the "scoring" system, strengthen direction and management of varied farmers market retailers act, once enterprise operators violate foods safety management system will probably be photographed market supervision department, points more than prescribed qualifying report, then it take those appropriate punishment;Yiwu Map alternatively, in order to ensure that just about all agricultural sources, the particular flow can be followed back, Yiwu sector development service Centre Co., Ltd. each and every is equipped with a growers market electronic show equipment, food tests information disclosure and also management of customer information, and foodstuff traceability system smooth integration, so that buyers always oversees meal safety, so that the neighborhood opened a huge hidden supervision network.


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Yiwu industry high quality

Countrywide demonstration project to market the modernization regarding housing industry is the state's important deployment, to be able to declare the undertaking has a high limit and requirements. · Lotus Pond Nearby mall Yiwu to become the 1st national demonstration task, its roots inside the planning and layout to a high common,Yiwu market high-quality, and definitely introducing energy saving, comarcal, environmental protection as well as other new technologies, fresh materials, new technology software and improve non commercial use science along with technology in practice, for that residents to bring an increased quality of life experience, in addition to ultimately come to typically the fore a number of domestic projects in Yiwu, Yiwu has become the standard of quality of life.

Shopping center real estate was established inside 1994, more than twenty years, the company always comply with "lead the life, to try the future, " often the core concept of "people-oriented, customer satisfaction, for the metropolis graced" product principle, the quality of Societe Comune, to manage the city legislature, positive to promote territorial industrial upgrading property and urban existing environment improvement. · The Lotus Lake Mall is the history of quality gene mall. In addition to the energy of the brand,Yiwu Sourcing Agent the job is also invited recognized Australian landscape style and design team Lotus Water-feature featuring planning, to make a four axle yard courtyard garden. And so the culmination of perform, won the "national demonstration project" requirements, is truly.

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Yiwu condolences party activities

Last night morning, party assistant Sheng Qiuping watershed came West Avenue Village, condolences on the old party associates before the founding Chen milk. This year 91-year-old Chen milk with 1943 to join the actual party, has the 9th brigade, gold Xiao detachment participated within armed resistance,Yiwu market the existing body still hard. Chen Sheng Qiuping milk came residence, the elderly and talked, asked them concerning his health and living. Sheng Qiuping explained, before the founding in the old Party participants are a valuable fixed and current assets, our pride, taking a chance on his own life inside the revolutionary war, inside peace-building period for that construction of attempts to offer Yiwu, added to our happy existence today, and the bash Government will never neglect your achievements. Sheng Qiuping Party agencies at all levels in addition to relevant departments to carry on to care about the favorable old party lifestyle, trying to resolve the particular practical difficulties they will encounter, to make their particular lives happier. Separating, Sheng Qiuping questioned the elderly take care of them selves, wish him well being and longevity, retirement years.

Sheng Qiuping also referred to as on condolences into the late Zhou Feng municipal outstanding communism families. In the home regarding Zhou Feng, Sheng Qiuping Xie Zhoufeng parents feel so competent for the party harvested a son, as well as open solution they must be strong, for you to encourage them to turn suffering into strength, self-assurance, overcome difficulties, typically the courage to face lifetime. Sheng Qiuping claimed Zhou Feng is a perfect firm, austerity,Yiwu Map vertical, good people Homework Party, the home town party members and also cadres in rare very good, Zhou Feng acts touching, inspiring, gathering members will phone the city Zhou Feng cadres to learn to help Comrade Zhou Feng as an example, conscientious, tough, solid work for often the transformation of the city's reform and make thanks contributions.

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June 29, 2016

Yiwu market change and development

Typically the meeting pointed out that the existing Yiwu remains on the forefront of change and development, inside a season of expect, leading cadres in any way levels should pay much more good singing voice, get together positive energy, self-assurance and cadres as well as the masses outside of the progress Yiwu, create very good environment; enhance the perception,Yiwu market always carry onward the spirit Hukouduoshi further adapt to the modern normal, Horizon, boost a new level, to enhance better and more quickly development; to attempt to the forefront, to locate work in match short board cling problem-oriented, benchmarking development, and strive to create more important gaming features. and highlights.

Often the meeting stressed the city should diligently implement the twelve-monthly goals and jobs, go all out to advertise reform, to undertake a thorough assessment of the reforms in all areas, effects have been achieved for you to earnestly summarize, we could to promote the rendering intensify reform, creation of bright areas, approved to start shortly to do top-level design and style, improve the program, in addition to truly play a role inside the reform, the release regarding reform dividend, yiwu restaurant to market economic development; to help unswervingly push frontward the transformation, as well as actively adapt the particular initiative to lead the fresh normal, accelerating the market industry, the pace of commercial restructuring and improvement, and other cities, and also vigorously develop the industry and create new positive aspects, Yiwu quality begun to build global urbanisation, and effectively increase the quality and performance of development, advertise the development of a new stage.

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Yiwu market, the positive progress

Vendors only Bureau established said that since the "Chunhui Cup" start, the location actively docking tournament resources towards succeeding project settled inside Yiwu. The roadshow was first introduced, we could improve the Yiwu effect, so that more international students attention Yiwu,Yiwu market Yiwu to attract international experts to open any window for creativity and entrepreneurship.

Lately, Yiwu vigorously put into action through human resource growth strategy, actively develop a talent recruitment program, innovative talents obtain initiatives to explore fresh model "Talent Job + + and up. capital markets, very well the preferential insurance policies on the basis of relying on use "Branch Park micron, " high Chong Park, "" superiority in business park "three innovative entrepreneurial expertise base, to create" a garden a lot more "provincial" thousand abilities program "industrial area, accelerating overseas high-level creative talents acquire introduction, let Together with high-level overseas natural talent to play the function of internet. As of this past year, the provincial "thousands of plans" professional park has been the prosperous introduction of high-level personnel led ninety projects, many assignments are an upgraded model of the traditional Yiwu Small Commodity industry. Take the "Branch Park" is, since its creation in April 2014, just two years, provides accumulated foster countrywide "people plan" pro four provincial "thousands of people plan" skilled 2,flight to yiwu the introduction of the particular national "thousands folks plan "expert 15 provincial" thousands of people program "expert 6.

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China and the EUROPEAN to enable unified company held in Yiwu

It truly is reported that China and taiwan and the EU for the Mercedes-Benz brand id trains trains along with flying silk creating, integration of China's railway emblem, Cina Railway abbreviation, convey trains and other components of the English symbol, Chinese red, Yiwu marketdark-colored power color, illustrates China Railway casual, integrity, tolerance, accountability and strength of the trademark image.

Central Western european trains is in agreement with a fixed coach number, route, plan and run the complete time to open the road, between China in addition to Europe as well as in "along the way" nations around the world along the international gift basket rail transport locomotives. Central European train locomotives have safe, successful, green, environmental influence by natural positive aspects, has become the international logistics backbone of the terrain transport mode, to be able to serve China's international trade and economical development,Yiwu Weather through Core Europe overland buy and sell route between The european countries and China Unicom to achieve the road, logistics flow, to promote the actual "along the way" building the capacity to offer protection. Up to now, the particular has accumulated CDB-EU trains more than 1700.

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Design of demonstrations saved in Yiwu

Yuan Jiajun the land, "four teams" both equally emergency power structure fully affirmed the task, that the work demonstrates the innovative soul of play, showing the importance of the search for science and technological innovation of the times, sending the excellent skills fast response. He anxious that the current along with future periods, typically the province should "four teams" of equally emergency response power building in a well known position, to build a genuinely functional complex, ready and effective, cross-relieving fist force throughout carry out difficult and threatening task play a better role. To highlight pluripotent construction,Yiwu market and strive to any team of multi-functional, to improve the overall flexibility; to highlight the normal development, to ensure that personnel set up rate, and increase rapid mobilization ability; to highlight the skilled ranks, creating fists force, improve the expert disposal capacity; to be effective effectively do the job, high standards as well as the task of building countrywide defense reserve makes, making escort G20, building peace with Zhejiang combat crew, propaganda teams, do the job teams and specialist teams.

It is noted that the exercise display activities, is the area of the military emphasis "peacetime service, crisis response time, to be able to fight the warfare, " the general needs, to promote cohesion militia and reserve drive building emergency improve of specific projects. Across the province, greater than 200 military in addition to civilian representatives for the scene to observe the anti-terrorism stability maintenance will be the subject of the navy exercise and attracting board,Yiwu City display products, the military workout, the more than 15 militia emergency clubs from Jinhua areas (cities, districts) practically a thousand members introduced emergency action, often the Guard training, shared violence and other several subjects exercise.


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Yiwu imports promotional routines

It truly is reported that the Foods Festival by the city government support, The far east International Tourism along with Culture Exchange Centre hosted Weilaizhixing Beijing Oriental Culture Connection Co., Ltd. in addition to Yiwu Jicheng Industry Development Co.,Yiwu market technicians. The event will Yiwu traditional culture, intercontinental cuisine, domestic wine beverages, liquor, beer, Yiwu tourism and other factors together, to build foreign cuisine event, it will probably be portrayed as Yiwu Imported Goods detailed manufacturer promotion activities.

The foodstuff Festival main exercises are: National championship crayfish cooking master Huang Bo personally guidebook cooking lobster repast; German beer hallway, Brazilian barbecue,Yiwu Hotels Korean language, Russian beer event, Thai snacks, veggie India, Taiwan, vegan, barbecue, Yiwu areas composed of sumptuous food; Lina, Hao music, smiling, Wu offered the country, love like wheat, Hunan Sanxiang four, Liu Jiajun, Su flowers, Xie Lina, Xiangyun buddie, Fan Wenze, Fengjiao Jiao, Tao Xu, Herd, etc . superstar star singer to aid out the party; the valuable painting artist stay art exhibition capture like.

During the foods festival, every day 21: 00 start to the final of the day 12: fifty, with tickets are getting 2 pounds prawn, 2 bottles of wine or even a drink.Yiwu Airport Food Festivity also held on-site support healthy ingesting regimen forum, fête master walked Yiwu taught to do food, Chinese vegetarian professionals teach vegetarian diet plans, the Group help save write "Yiwu food" and other interactive actions. If you would like to join come july 1st carnival, enjoy the as well as culture of appeal, stay tuned organizers booking of activities.


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South Korea to help Yiwu market review

Metropolis leaders briefed everybody on the economic and also social development of Yiwu, Yiwu is now definitely promoting the portrayal of fashion,Yiwu market equipment, details, health and other half a dozen strategic industries, and urban organic upgrade and improve the top quality of urban surroundings. The two sides wish to carry out extensive cohesiveness in Yiwu Korea to build a feature in the town is seen as an China and Southern region Korea trade, generation, life and ecology in one. The Northern Gyeongsang successfully resolved commodity Hall Public of imported items, marking the reciproco cooperation into a fresh stage, hope to have an overabundance meaning to Korean language goods display, revenue, and also welcomes far more Korean enterprises for you to justice in situ production, trade, attain mutual benefit win for everybody situation. Yiwu might be a good "waiter", supplying opportunities for improvement and platforms.

Wei Town, South Gumi delegations introduced the kind of circumstances. He mentioned, Yiwu is a wonderful city, especially simply by Japan and Sth Korea to attend the particular seventeenth Friendship Metropolitan areas Exchange Conference placed last year in Yiwu, to have a comprehensive comprehension of the city. Gyeongsangbuk superb showcase merchandise inside Yiwu,Yiwu Weather which exhibits the two sides to obtain a seamless economical exchanges. Korean organizations with strong technological force, improve the included value of design features, we hope the two attributes ongoing joint synergy in the future, so that considerably more high-quality goods can be purchased worldwide through Yiwu.

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June 28, 2016

Grasp the opportunity to interact to tackle

Qing Wang Xuan Yiwu pilot reform completely affirmed the work. This individual pointed out that since the preliminary started, Yiwu its very own reality, elaborate applications around the theme of the actual pilot, to focus the job, co-ordinate all facets of power, orderly market the pilot function showing leadership interest, Yiwu marketa clear theme, substantial initial results along with other characteristics, especially in the building of one of the brand new foreign trade product market development system, to build one of the overseas trade market credit score supervision system, the particular establishment of large information applications, e-commerce record system, the development of a typical practice instances. To promote the change pilot, Wang Xuan Qing requirements, Yiwu should further improve their understanding, typically the spirit not wait around to tackle difficult determination, grasping often the iron mark determination, focus on highlighting the actual pilot theme, speed up market transformation as well as upgrading, within marketing trade integration advancement as the main collection through the pilot, the particular pilot reform along with local economic and also social development technique closely, in order to find the pilot perform and planning duties, to promote innovation inside the integrated development of international trade; to further stick to problem-oriented, seize the important thing contradiction, precision docking, the right medicine, cushioned short board, efficiently enhance the relevance along with effectiveness of the initial; we must focus on institutional innovation, adherence towards the "break" "Li" at the same time,Yiwu Hotels "Li" as the very first, legislation to change the system, established guidelines, will penetrate in to the spirit of the guideline of law in most areas of reform, the entire process; to further reinforce co-promote, integrate almost all resources to strengthen co-ordination, good policy co-ordination, program co-ordination, power, co-ordination, overall improvement, the formation of the joint effort associated with reform; to strengthen summarizes formed replicable encounter can be extended to make sure that the central create a satisfactory answer.


Sheng Qiuping at deployment, stressed the crucial amount of the last 100 times, the city should very carefully control the "pilot program" of the label of tasks, a clear obligation to standard specifications, insist the objective,yiwu nightlife the crucial breakthrough. To pay attention to building a sound within the internal market in addition to foreign trade incorporation mechanism for dealing with the development of a success in cross-border web to build a sound improvement mechanism crucial contemporary in the development of town logistics to build an audio mechanism for taking on a breakthrough within building a sound company credit system important breakthrough, in creating a sound business monetary service system around the crucial breakthrough inside building a sound essential breakthrough on the metropolitan and rural item circulation system, increase the reform jobs.

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Yiwu market command to inspect

Zhang Deli and his voisinage inspected the Metropolitan Planning Exhibition Corridor, the temple Xu Qiao HISTORY Event and International Industry City District and also the five zones, regarding Yiwu city planning as well as construction, the Self-employed Commission Against social promotion,Yiwu market e-commerce advancement in the physical marketplace and the protection associated with intellectual property regarding experiences and methods. Xu Song Qiao is famous Tixing police officer, integrity, impartially. Zhang Deli Xu Qiao HISTORY temple building exhibition highly valued that Xu Qiao had many religious quality in line with modern values, his integrity and integrity modern day outlook and market cultural fit among there. International Buy and sell City, Zhang Deli line from time to time in to the shops, and sellers cordial conversation, requesting the price of goods, intelligent property protection, overseas trade sales, and so on, since the reform and also opening up the accomplishments of the government along with economy of Yiwu market achieved dominating, including prosecution IPR protection mechanism practical departments, including the combined management affirmed.

Worldwide Trade City, an area five areas flourish and market entry to mission blown away. If he learned that the Global Trade City works 26 major types of 1 . 8 mil items, merchandise export products to 219 nations and regions, the actual delegation that recently, Yiwu market made remarkable achievements,Yiwu Christmas Market wish Yiwu accelerate industry transformation explore in addition to practice new industry, continue to make the safety of intellectual house, jointly maintain a great market order, to guarantee the continued prosperity as well as development of the market for your benefit of the people part.


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Yiwu market place to create a new product for economic along with trade

Celebration secretary Sheng Qiuping briefly introduced the actual city's economic as well as social development. This individual said the current encounter from the new normal, Yiwu initiative to deal with all sorts of challenges, actively catch the strategic chance "along the way" and the Yangtze Water economic belt, Yiwu Weather expand international trade and also domestic trade program reform, accelerate the mixing of online and offline marketplace to import foreign trade interactive, brand cycle expansion transformation, initiatives to establish a solid industry as the core electrical power business logistics along with finance, culture in addition to tourism exhibition to aid modern business method, build a global product trading center. Yichang in Central Tiongkok is an important regional middle of the city, expecting the two sides for this cooperation as an chance to further promote the particular Yiwu Yichang each exchanges, strengthen combined cooperation in various areas, Zhejiang and Hubei to create a new paradigm of economic as well as trade cooperation.


Mother Xuming said through the years, Yiwu adhere to typically the "Xing to build often the city" development technique, to promote market incorporation and development of logistics, out of a region filled with its own characteristics route of development, change and opening up the nation to become one of eighteen typical regions, the feeling is worth in-depth research. Yichang, Hubei State deputy center town, and also the Yangtze Waterway economic belt "along the way, " an essential connection point to grab the country is currently a significant strategic opportunity to provide full play in order to Yichang regional incorporated transport hub and also flow, logistics submission center for the benefit, Yiwu market accelerate the development of electric business, modern logistics and other modern solutions. Yichang Yiwu 2 economies are highly supporting and broad potential customers for cooperation, wishing that the two when it comes to industry training, building and other projects to increase deepen cooperation material, to enhance the level of co-operation and achieve common benefit and typical development.

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Household heating market overseas trade support

Like a weed half of continuous rainwater weather, May household market after the efficiency for the first Dimana Ping, several aspects support the market: Very first, seasonal products held hot,Yiwu market hot summer time heat and rainfall gear products supporting products, all kinds of cotton ice seats, air-conditioning was, raincoat, sun screen and other automobile great deal; the second is the financial stimulus holiday tourist product sales, with the shopping mall to promote effective recommendation tourist attractions, travel throughout the holiday shopping picture rate climbed group and individual, to some extent, improve popular location, at the same time, local purchasers for stocking conduct sixty-one and the Monster Boat Festival can also be actively pursued, playthings, jewelry, product packaging along with other industries to benefit considerably; the third is already broadly spread to short-haul leisure travel 3 or 4 lines, camping barbeque grill high-frequency and other exercises, leisure and amusement products demand had been high growth, marketplace rosy. Specific areas, ear jewelry, rainwater gear, play home toys, bedding as well as other powerful sentiment catalog rose, the cycle were up 242. 86 points, 204. 71 points, 196. 55 points, a hundred and forty four. 62 points.

Apr, 2016 China Worldwide Electronic Commerce essential exhibitions Expo, the actual 13th China Global Hardware Fair, the particular Eleventh China Yiwu Cultural Products Industry Fair, etc . possess organized the event dividend has been shown in part in Might, and orders get into production delivery phase, to a certain extent, boosting industry and capital moves, locks, electronic gear category, general add-ons and other merchandise revenues index, capital return index outstanding overall performance, transaction size volume level scale chain list increased by fifty one. 68 points, 91. 71 points, 91. 87 points. May possibly, yiwu railway station 2016 China Yiwu Import Commodities Reasonable, the 8th Tiongkok International Tourism Goods Fair again bring in a lot of buyers interest, boost market belief, art crafts, product toys, household handicrafts etc . Popularity listing rose 205. fifty five points, respectively, 104. 73 points, 37. 63 points.

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Leveraging our city comprehensive reform of international trade

Because Recently, a large number of referred to as the "top believe tank" of academicians and experts that have come to Yiwu for people who do buiness advice. June seven, Chinese Academy associated with Sciences Chen Ziyuan,Yiwu market Gong Changde, Zheng Youdou, Zhu little bit of autumn and the China's Academy of Anatomist academician Chen Jianping, Tang Xican and so on and the city corporations to carry out docking with regard to enterprises interrogation heartbeat; June 12, the actual Chinese Academy regarding Engineering Lee Sausage and team members as well as Zhejiang Waitt Escalator Co., Ltd. arrived at a cooperation academicians and experts workstation......

Over the years, the city using the comprehensive reform involving international trade within the east, seize the key opportunity for a new circular of industrial development, features a series of talent intro, security policy, along with real money preferential plans and support steps Yiwu-Weather to cultivate and also the development of new industrial sectors. Superimposed effect of several advantages to attract a lot of domestic and overseas talents competing satisfied in Yiwu, in most walks of life force provided suggestions.

In order to market-oriented means to attract Schools and its core group Yi science and also technology innovation, the particular transformation and staff training work, the town has established a post-doctoral workstations 9, where four national, provinciano 5, cumulative sponsor postdoctoral 9 individuals; has built academicians along with experts workstation nine, pitted innovation crew 11, the introduction of eleven academicians,Yiwu fair experts in addition to 35, covered numerous areas of medicine, mechanised and electrical equipment, geographic information, electric electrician, vision modification and the like. Last year, Yiwu Technology Park, high-level overseas talents Leader Park, Pioneer Recreation area excellence listing state "thousands of plans" industrial park, about "a garden more" extensive Zhaocaiyinzhi. Features a total training "thousands of people plan" specialists led project forty five, "Ssangyong plans to" experts led sixteen projects.

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Yiwu import trade to promote development

This season, to promote the development of importance trade in Yiwu, Yiwu CIQ complete advantage of the Internet associated with Things, Yiwu market cloud processing and other modern technology to actively market traceability system building, in improving the actual inspection and detachment clearance efficiency, advertise innovation and regulating approach to ensure customer safety, etc . as well as achieved remarkable outcomes.

Safety System consists of enterprise traceability tag affixed to their items, products in the production, submission, consumption and other elements related to information collecting, regulatory authorities depending on retrospective monitoring system,Yiwu Sourcing Agent the establishment regarding product defects and also product information suggestions mechanism investigation system, the source can be examined, whereabouts can be tracked, to investigate the responsibility to supply reliable path with regard to consumers to identify the caliber of products. To this finish, Yiwu CIQ used a number of measures to guarantee the effective operation from the traceability system.

Very first, the introduction of related techniques, the development of import along with export commodities happen to be retrospective supervision in addition to management measures, meals, cosmetics and categorized administration approach to traceability label management function instructions, etc ., to get a basis for the perform of the management retroactively. The second is to build the platform for traceability, traceability management program includes import as well as export commodities industry record information access, batch information admittance, issuing electronic labels, electronic tags Gasch, pre-declaration / examination information input, evaluation the information, instruction and also publishing information predicament and feedback along with other functional modules, yiwu nightlife to offer the whole process of the particular operation of information technologies. Third, multilateral co-operation linkage, Zhejiang College of Science along with Technology Innovation Start invited for program upgrades, routine servicing and data storage space to provide technical solutions, the Ministry involving Commerce goalkeeper traceability system into the nearby promotion of one in the top ten import buy and sell measures, the Shopping mall Group International Industry City imported art gallery first implementation connected with traceability management.

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Promote the sustainable prosperity and development of the market.

The actual meeting heard reviews on the work from the relevant units to advertise market continued wealth and development problems, in-depth discussions as well as exchanges. The conference noted that the historical past of development of the town of Yiwu, Yiwu is the history in the development of the market continues to be, Yiwu market the city always stick to the "Xing to create the city" advancement strategy unswervingly, causing the world's largest product market, and business lead the industry, exhibition, logistics, finance the quick development of other industrial sectors. Facing the possibilities and challenges on the new economic normality brought to the city in order to mark the main requirements, conscientiously apply the province, Jinhua decision to set up, with "innovation and also development experience within Yiwu, dry put in place real courage whenever pacesetter" theme of useful activities, the market success as a top priority the introduction of Yiwu, calm along with sober, steadfast belief, in-depth study in addition to implement measures to guarantee the market to the cutting edge.


The meeting pressured that the city ought to focus on the world, "small commodities" requirement, the actual "Commodity City" right into a century-old. To focus on the particular short board, speed up the transformation, incorporation of online and offline comply with the coordinated progress the market, "two types, " e-commerce and also to play their particular advantages in the actual physical market, the construction associated with "five-star flagship market"; to promote import foreign trade interactive, urban household and foreign "two markets", urged typically the steady growth of overseas trade, the importance trade to promote development of new marketplace momentum, and strive to develop China international SME products into the bridgehead,yiwu city china co-ordination to promote often the physical market, "Yiwu purchase" electronic company platform, "market buys "trade" going out inch; to accelerate the actual optimization of enterprise structure, supply as well as demand sides attract" two body inches, and constantly boost the vitality of the industry; to promote the extension of business chain, improve organization services, " both support "to increase the development of cultural tourist exhibition, logistics industry finance and other commercial chain, increase value added services market procedures. To deepen change, improve the environment, to increase clarify the target market place and positioning, pay much more attention to innovative innovations, focusing on short-board concentrate, focus on co-ordination, the location will develop the introduction of "Ten comments on assistance for market development", increase policy help, give the city the ability to promote market is constantly on the flourish.

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June 27, 2016

Yiwu electricity supplier financial markets

Merely venture onto the trail students have difficulty boosting funds, Bank regarding Agriculture and The business sector, Yiwu electricity suppliers to develop targeted credit rating products, interest revenue from loans and also college students venture finance established to support students venture. Since 2014, the launch in the "e lead to" a loan,Yiwu market has accrued 135 college students to back up electricity supplier enterprise. To encourage school graduates, the jobless and other groups to sign up the electricity dealer business, the Bank in addition has strengthened governance magic cooperation, joint regional club Bureau, Fund Bureau late this past year launched the "small secured discount loan products, " just several months paid 169 pen, amounting for you to 45. 73 thousand yuan.


To allow electrical energy providers of financial providers customer experience far better, Yiwu Rural Business Bank to create a selection of "Harvest gifts", enable electricity providers internet marketers settlement unimpeded. The financial institution launched harvest control cards, online banking, mobile phone banking, POS, repayment harvest e mix of marketing,yiwu restaurant personal on-site guidance to operate, very good follow-up services regarding entrepreneurs to provide digital banking electric coach service. The bank just lately increased efforts to market micro-channel harvest, provides successfully created the "provincial online payment showing zone", "municipal on the web payment demonstration zone" and "municipal cell phone payment application test zone" of each one particular.


The bank has also centered on large financial help and services to help docking, convenient services has been set up economical point 5, Harvesting Inn standard outlets and stores each and every five simple inside post harvest putting ATM machine, to help you farmers POS, dernier and other equipment to support farmers 41 place. As in "China's 1st village shop" Liu Qingyan Village,Yiwu Weather  Yiwu SRCB established fiscal convenient service level, was on duty to offer self-service banking together with ATM machines, on the net banking experience, programmed issuing machines as well as other self-service machines.

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the Postal Enough cash Bank branch with Yiwu

So that you can further implement often the provincial branches along with Jinhua City Bank Association "organized in Jinhua banking" successfully serve the real financial system, financial literacy A long way "active notification" (gold and silver Relationship (2016) No . 24) and other documents the actual spirit, and to generate "four" project as being a carrier, to promote the particular financial literacy of customers, effectively serve the true economy, and create a normal, harmonious and ethics of the financial surroundings, the Postal Pocketbook Bank branch throughout Yiwu ongoing several months since May possibly 2016 "effective services of the real economic system, financial literacy Across the World" series of routines carried out in levels, Yiwu market "monetary and economic knowledge Awareness month", "personal credit expertise Awareness month", "prevent telecommunications fraud community Awareness month" advertising campaign, promoting financial literacy popularization. To this ending, the bank branch was founded vanguard party users, team work, definitely participate in activities in the entire process.


Just lately, the Postal Enough cash Bank branch with Yiwu "Monetary in addition to Financial Knowledge Attention Month" has been expelled off by the "six" Children's Day, Kavalerist Boat Festival as well as other festivals opportunity to department party members vanguard into the community, educational institutions, china yiwu international commodities fair promote the institution of Taiwan, productive on-site service, anti-counterfeit renminbi issuance know-how manual focus speaking anti-counterfeiting and other safety knowledge. The event allocated leaflets total 700, asking people to 2 hundred people, and the many customers spoke very of.


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Yiwu market's health industry

Creciente Thomas speech on the meeting. He mentioned, Yiwu, the health business as an important preparing industry came across the industrial location, to undertake investment selection, supply a platform for coverage, planning the rendering of the project,Yiwu market and attempt to build one hundred million health industry. Betty hope all internet marketers to Yiwu Baotuan development, planning collectively, plan together, program together, to break from your production, research along with development, design in addition to display, exhibition as well as other health industry, the complete industry chain, may focus on Zhejiang Yiwu build a healthy professional development model metropolis. Yiwu municipal authorities will be a good "waiter" for enterprise improvement to provide a good surroundings.


Jiaoxu Xiang, mouthpiece
director of the comarcal Development and Change Commission said within the speech, the health market is a sunrise sector, investment in health and fitness is investing in the long run, investing in health is surely an investment in our pleasure. Yiwu is a very enchanting land, Health Sector Association of Zhejiang Province "into the" Yiwu, Yiwu through this poised regarding better development inside Yiwu health marketplace, flight to yiwu everyone is cooperation, connection, win-win situation to realise a platform.


At the appointment, Yiwu Municipal Office Park Project, little by little raise Suxi community projects, purchase Yiwu Wei Planning inventory platform and other important projects carried out actions recommendation. Health Marketplace Association member products, Zhejiang Province on the part of companies in Taiwan College of Dvd Technology Co., Limited., East China Pharmaceutical drug Co., Ltd., Wanma Technology Co.,yiwu restaurant Limited. Zhejiang Dean the facts techniques were relevant presentations. Attendees for the needs of the two in-depth negotiations.

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