July 14, 2016

Accelerate the development of urban transformation

Together with economic globalization in addition to regional economic use to promote the Yiwu market has progressively become an important program for foreign items to enter the China's market,Yiwu market and entrepot trade. According to unfinished statistics, at present, Yiwu has imported things business entities 873, located in the Global Trade City, Huangyuan market, Nongmao Cheng, international home town, industry supplies and other areas. Yiwu market is encountering from "buy countrywide goods, selling products the country" to be able to "buy global items, selling global goods" Dynasty.

To meet the modern demands of change, Yiwu
has made "accelerate urban transformation as well as development" a major selection,Yiwu Hotels would Yiwu in to a "city strategy, motivated by international deal and prosperity, International Logistics smooth, advancement and vitality burst open, the City integrated development" in international business DC, highlighting the fresh Silk Road, Fresh Port land, "three New" Branch invention District planning and also construction. Yiwu Cemented Logistics Center (B) is an important new part of dry ports.

Lately, Yiwu municipal authorities attaches great value to a straight Yiwu Bonded Logistics Centre (B type) perform to promote the C building as safety and consolidate the emergences of regional logistics Height,Yiwu International Trade City deep push to the important task Yiwu International Trade regarding comprehensive reform. Given that January 29 this coming year, the State General Supervision of Customs, Ministry of Finance, Express Administration of Taxation, Administration of Foreign currency and other four ministries officially approved typically the establishment of Yiwu bonded logistics centre (B) since, Yiwu accordance with the "overall planning, step by step, inches the idea, adhere to a top starting point, high common construction, high performance propulsion, with several months to complete often the commissioning of a job and the construction info systems, we noticed that the approval, construction 12 months, when completed, and then acceptance, full cemented logistics Center (B) construction of "Yiwu speed. "


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