July 14, 2016

Expand international trade obligations of the new channel

NEW YORK To speed up the development of new dry interface city, to further increase the new channels regarding international trade,Yiwu Hotels create the development of EU-China Yiwu trains (meaning fresh European railway gift basket train) as well as area of the Silk Road economical belt in the twenty first century maritime Egypt Road countries approach, recently, the event secretary Li Yifei led his product went to Xinjiang Alashankou, Horgos two edge crossings, field outings railway facelift storage place, comprehensive Free Buy and sell zone, and Kazakhstan international border assistance zone and dock operations and other situations, and with the two often the MC port, practices and other departments to undertake matchmaking. The two vent authorities have said it could vigorously support the roll-out of international trade throughout Yiwu, Yiwu, The far east and the EU to back up trains, Yiwu transfer and export merchandise to provide convenient methods clearance conditions.

Alashankou, Horgos Port are usually two border crossings between China and also Kazakhstan, is located in the actual Eurasian Continental bridgehead west, west hook up five Central Parts of asia,Yiwu market Russia, Europe, eastern side toward the home-based market, China's design of the Silk Highway economic belt, broadening westward opening up an essential point. As a countrywide first class port with western China's train, highway, pipeline vehicles trinity Alashankou slot since 1991, the required opening of the train cargo transit considering that the volume had taken care of a more than 25% annual growth level, over the volume, Persuits taxation, trade about three indicators rank the particular forefront of the terrain crossings, road crossings become the first where you live now. Horgos financial enterprise tourism, transit of products and import along with export trade together, with import in addition to export all-weather ability, Kazakhstan Horgos Global Border Cooperation Centre across China as well as Kazakhstan, China, Kazakhstan and third nations around the world and persons things, vehicles can stream freely across region within the region, appreciate visa-free entry to the area to buy duty-free goods and other specific policies. Recently a couple of ports have
acquired State Council acceptance, the entire column automobile car import interface.

Strengthen cooperation while using two ports, it truly is conducive to give total play to the features of the city's source and border crossings advantages for fostering the creation of Central Europe Educates to create good problems. In recent years,Yiwu International Trade City map the city's trade volume together with the five Central Parts of asia of rapid progress, Yiwu Central Western european trains is by way of Alashankou Port may ship Yiwu export products to Central Parts of asia, Russia and The european countries to effectively enjoy the comprehensive advantages of railroad logistics for Yiwu import and upload goods has became available a new land option. Compared with conventional marine, rail container educates approximately doubles your aging; compared with the current traditionally used international express atmosphere freight, air transfer costs only a quarter of the timeliness needs are not demanding, expensive cost control requirements around border e-commerce and also small , is the most least expensive solution, is important for that city's cross-border commerce en ligne development.

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