July 12, 2016

Government's obligation to host the first International Marathon

It truly is understood that this celebration Provincial Sports Office and the Yiwu city government organized affair is the theme saying "New Silk Route, the new starting point,yiwu restaurant work it, Yiwu", levels of competition will be divided man and female half race and mini. Included in this, the half convention route is: Meihu Sports Center damages (depart) → change suitable into Shiba Street → turn kept onto Champollion Highway → → switch left onto Path integrity left upon West Road → turn right into Nearby mall Road → Metropolis Road (folded) Shopping center Road → → → turn still left onto West Path, turn right into the Magic Sea Road → turn right into Riverside Road, Futian Route → → → turn left on top of the bridge change suitable into Zongze Meihu Sports Center (end ), the whole 21 years old. 0975 km; mini-marathon route is: Meihu Sports Center share (depart) → change suitable into Shiba Street → turn eventually left onto Champollion remaining into Mall Highway Road → → → turn kept onto Riverside Northern Road, Futian Zong Ze Road, transform left onto Connection → → Meihu Sports Center (the end), the entire 6th. 5 km.

It takes to be reminded, considering participating in the half-marathon fans, both to fulfill the age requirements, but in addition meet the health needs. Among them, participate in often the half marathon old 18 years and above (born before 1997) to 55 years (born after 1960); participate in mini-Marathon Time limit 12 years or maybe older (born just before 2003) to 66 years of age (1950 following birth).Yiwu market At the same time, the actual tournament regulations plainly states that the members should be in well being, regularly participates inside running exercise as well as training, according to their particular physical condition and workout capacity, select items. Organizing Committee demands that all contestants ahead of the half marathon by means of regular medical exam (including ECG), along with self-assessment inspection studies to confirm their healthiness can be adapted to be able to long-distance running, simply entered the competition, that half registration is necessary to drive a workshop runner hospitals previously mentioned county level health and fitness certificate within twelve months, or 2014--2015 global marathon finish certificates.

For the convenience of gathering enthusiasts registration, the particular organizing committee introduced an online registration and also on-site two sorts of channels: by 2015, Yiwu International Convention official website (www.ywim.org) online registration;yiwu city china also can go directly to Yiwu Meihu Sports Centre Stadium ticket web site registration, Tel 0579-85586311, 0579- 85214900, Email-based: marathon@ywim. org.

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