July 11, 2016

Obligation continuous efforts to develop

This morning from the Civil Aerial Administration of Cina official website seemed to be informed that the cross-strait civil aviation professionals recently held cross-strait air transport 11th communication work discussion in Yangzhou. The 2 main sides agreed to such as a new continent Yiwu Airport,Yiwu market including five cross-strait passenger air port regularly waypoints, each one waypoint per week for each and every side can be put in place three round-trip routes. This news is by far the person in charge of Yiwu airport confirmed.

It can be reported that, with cross-strait air carry communication work 11th meeting, the two isn't stable to increase periodic way points consensus occasional vacationer charter arrangements, the fresh continent Yangzhou, Huai'an and Nantong, Yiwu, Yanji, Kashi six to eight airports in cross-strait Regular passenger waypoint. The two sides opted for has been operating a couple calendar months (or more) of the celebrations in accordance with the occasional holiday charter flights each week into seven frequent flights to in addition to from the two tips a total of 18 weekly round-trip aircraft.Yiwu Sourcing Agent Above consensus to use effect until the functions to fulfill the relevant proof process.

Thus, the sum frequency of regular cross-strait passenger flights by 840 classes every week increased to 890 classes (each edge 445 flights every week) weekly, Ls Ferry destinations greater from 55-61, when the Wuyi Batch, Meizhou, Yichang nonetheless Luoyang charter vacation spots. According to the Urban Progress Office of Sencillo Aviation airline in charge person,Yiwu Map then, Yiwu Airport will begin supplements for flight corporation and other interested get-togethers for docking. Yiwu will become after Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, your fourth city in Zhejiang Province direct travel arrangements to Taiwan.

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